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Cavago Lets You Book a Horse Ride Wherever You Are in the World, in One Easy Place!


Here at Cavago we're passionate about horses, which is why we have created an easy-to-use website that connects you to the world of horses wherever you are. We want you to be able to ride a horse whenever the desire strikes, because at Cavago, we understand that horse people need to be with horses.


So whether you're a seasoned competitive horse rider, a leisure rider on holiday, or a complete beginner looking for your first taste of the world's most powerful addiction, we know we'll find the perfect ride, just for you.


Wherever you are, let's get the wind in your hair and a horse in your heart!



All Riding Abilities

Our carefully selected hosts offer the right horse riding experience for every rider's ability.


Easy Bookings

Find and book your perfect horse riding activity by level, discipline, length or location.


Simple Planning

Enjoy global travel planning through Cavago Concierge, our in-house travel specialist.

We Really Get to Know Our Hosts, So We Can Bring You the Very Best Horse Riding Experiences Across the Globe


Cavago is a community of horse-lovers, filled with authentic riders and a wide range of equestrian facilities in all major disciplines. We value the personal touch our hosts bring to your horse riding adventure, so we adapt ourselves to allow each and every host to provide their own unique experience.


We work with some of the biggest names in the horse world, and also with some of the smallest facilities in the far-flung corners of the world's most remote destinations.


When it comes to finding a quality horse riding facility, Cavago is the place to be!


Fall In Love With The Great Outdoors On A Spectacular Horse Riding Holiday

If you've ever dreamed of ambling your way across wide open spaces, not a thought in the world except for the gentle fall of hooves on the golden grass, then a horse riding holiday is just what you need. Ride until your legs hurt, relax around the campfire, nourish yourself with a delicious evening meal, then flop into your soft, warm bed for a perfect night's sleep at your on-site equestrian accommodation.


Enjoy A Relaxed Hack Or Outride Ride Wherever You Are

Weekends were made for the great outdoors, but why wait for the weekend? Cavago works closely with a wide selection of interesting hacking and outride facilities to bring you a relaxed horse riding experience in a natural setting. From beach rides in Portugal to desert gallops in Dubai and laid-back wine trails in the Southern Cape, our leisure rides are an ideal way for riders of all abilities to experience the magic of horseback riding.


Grow Your Skills With A Top Trainer In Your Favourite Equestrian Discipline

Many of our hosts are some of the world's biggest household names in the equestrian industry, with successful track records and some truly amazing horses. We can help you find a quality trainer in any discipline. From the renowned Lusitano dressage riders in Portugal to our world-class showjumpers, specialist polo clubs and ground-breaking leaders in natural horsemanship, we really do have it all.


Develop A Deeper Connection With Your Horse At A Natural Horsemanship Workshop

Liberty riding is an intriguing exploration of the unusual bond horses have formed with their human companions over the years. The ultimate prey animal, working together in perfect harmony with the ultimate predator. At Cavago, we love natural horsemanship, which is why we bring you a unique selection of live and virtual training workshops, brought to you by the leaders in the future of equestrian sports, so we can play our part and open the groundbreaking world of freestyle liberty riding to horse riders across the world.


Learn How To Ride A Horse As A Complete Beginner

It's never too late to fall in love with a horse. Cavago offers a range of local pony camps and beginner's horse riding facilities to help you find a local riding school close to home. You may like to take regular riding lessons a couple of times a week, or learn as you go on an educational hack. Rest assured, our beginner horse riding schools are suitable for all ages, and welcome riders of all abilities. We'll get you feeling confident and ready to ride in no time!


Join Cavago At The Most Exciting Equestrian Events & Horse Riding Festivals Around The World

Cavago is mad about horses, so naturally, you'll find us at the most exciting horse fairs and equestrian events around the world. Whether you're looking to soak up the vibrant horsey hub at the Golega Horse Fair in Portugal, or view the finest-bred champions at the annual Horse of the Year Show in London, Cavago will be right there with you every step of the way!


Enjoy Tailored Travel Planning With Personal Support When You Book Your Ride With Cavago

One of the best things about riding a horse is the easy access it gives you to gorgeous destinations in remote locations. Our dedicated in-house travel specialist is here to help you arrange your travel to and from your preferred rides, with endless possibilities available for you to make the most of your time away, wherever you decide to ride. Our Cavago Concierge itineraries offer bespoke itineraries that are fully tailored to your unique travel style and budget. We can assist with flights, hotels, transfers, car hire, guided tours and local sightseeing excursions anywhere in the world. Our travel planning service is 100% financially protected, with a full product suite and access to the most competitive prices. Email:


Horses for Your World, When You Ride with Cavago!


Cavago is a global community for people who love horses. We look forward to getting you into the saddle wherever you are, and can't wait to meet you!