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If You Thought Dubai Was All About The Burj Khalifa..

You Are Right

Except now you can ride along the Dubai skyline with the iconic Burj Khalifa in the background. Seal the deal by selecting a photoshoot package that includes a ride and photography to create your unique postcard from this glamorous city.


Cavago has a number of experiences for you to enjoy in the UAE ranging from desert and beach rides to learning archery or horsemanship from a famous bedouin horseman who starred in the movie ‘ The Black Stallion’ , Mr Ali Al Ameri.

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The Arabian Desert Rides

The quintessential experience of riding in the Arabian desert is a must. With Cavago, it is very easy to book hourly rides at one of the most prestigious equestrian center in the United Arab Emirates. Click below to book


Ride at a 5 star resort which is also a protected reserve in the UAE

For a more luxe experience in the velvety sand dunes of Ras Al Khaimah, drive up to this 5 star resort for a luxurious family experience. Be enthralled by the sights of the beautiful desert and frequent spotting of the local Gazelle or an Oryx at this protected reserve.


There Is Always A First Time

If you have been fascinated by the skill of the archers, this is the time to experience getting your hands on a bow and arrow. Starting from the ground, you continue with the lessons to try your hands at horseback mounted archery. Perfect for those looking to relax at the nearby Fujairah resorts and visiting this stable to gain first hand skills in the sport.


Calling Fans Of The Movie " The Black Stallion "

Ali Alameri, owner of Rahal Ranch, is a highly reputable and naturally gifted horseman who has numerous credentials attached with his name, including starring in the movie The Black Stallion. At his ranch, you can go for a 2 hour trek into the desert with Mr Ali himself acting as your guide or make it a holiday stop for a few days by renting the chalets here. For a weekend or an entire week, spend your nights under the desert sky, and days invested in learning horsemanship and other skills such as trick riding with this master trainer who is famous in his country for working with problem horses.


We are happy to help you plan your equestrian experiences in the UAE. With our lovely hosts, we have the flexibility to customise your tours so please drop us an email at - We would love to create a special memory for you in this beautiful country.