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Saddle Up To Enjoy The Sun This Winter With Cavago

Beat the winter blues and make the most of some much-needed time off under the sun this winter. 

If its a journey to a hotter climate that you are craving then we have some ideas for you, read on.


The Island of Mallorca, Spain

With an average rainfall of 6-8 days per month, Mallorca welcomes you on most days with a bright sunshine.

Ride here to get to know the pristine life of Mallorca, discover hidden beaches, historical ruins, and breathtaking landscapes. These rides include climbing up steep rocky paths to visit one of the most important and sacred places in Mallorca, the Monatsery “Santuari de Lluc”. 

Located on a picturesque mountain in the Sierra de Tramuntana, it is definitely an adventure suited for a group of advanced riders.



Along the coast of the Mediterranean sea, this is the northernmost country in the African continent with a rich history and culture including the breeding of Arabian horses. Djerba, known as the island of Mythology inTunisia, hosts truly unforgettable beaches and its whitewashed towns which were influenced by Berber, Arab, Jewish and African cultures. One finds a reference to this island in Homer’s epic poem Odyssey, as the island of the ‘lotus eaters’. Poetic and picturesque with a mild winter and sunshine on most days, making it a perfect destination for horseback riding all year.



Known as a ‘cat country’, Morocco is only one of the three countries bordering the Atlantic and the Mediterranean oceans with two stunning shore lines. Home to the Barb stallion, a breed as old or older than the Arabians, ready to gallop in the desert and by the beach. Not far from Southern Europe, the Moroccans are known for their hospitality and to add to that, their delicious cuisine and vibrant culture makes it an even more compelling to visit this beautiful country. There is much to explore in this country, and to start you off, we offer week long packages or hourly rides like the Beach Ride / Tea and Ride ritual, in Diabat, a village near the city of Essaouira.


Explore Volcanoes of Ecuador

Ecuador was the first country in the world to recognise the rights of Nature. With over 45 volcanoes in its belly, this country has an entire city, Quito which is also its capital, that is the world’s first UNESCO Cultural Heritage City.

Just 45 minutes from Quito, located in the  "Avenue of Volcanoes" is where you can ride  on beauitful Criollo horses to discover Volcanoes and visit lakes that look like they are made of glass. 

With a total of 90 horses, our host in Ecuador has most of their herd from mixed Criollo (native South American), English Thoroughbred and Arabian stock – resulting in horses with the perfect “mountain sense”.

Catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced level of riders, one can enjoy a short-day ride or multi-day trips riding though the volcanoes, and be sure to have a comfortable place to sleep at their beautiful lodge.

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Enjoy Holidays of a Lifetime with Cavago.