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The Egyptian Dream

Landing in Cairo 

If all you knew before landing in Egypt were the pyramids, then you are in luck. The Ancient Adventures tour begins with the sight of the pyramids that you will have a phenomenal view of, from the roof top of the hotel where your stay will be arranged. These tours delve deeper into history, on top of very well kept, mostly rescued, local Baladi horses, with some even tattoed in henna in the traidtional way. The American and Egyptian owners will ensure your safety and a comfortable stay whether you choose to ride in Cairo or in Luxor with them.

Choose from several of their packages that explore the cities for 5-12 days or take  hourly excursions in the Egyptian desert.


Next Stop, Hurghada

Hurghada is a beach resort town renowned for scuba diving, with resorts and hotels dotted along the coast. Visit here for a relaxing holiday with a vibrant night life and experience daily excursions on horse back here with our host Equestrian Dream which is the biggest equestrian service in the region of the Red Sea. This facility is run under European management holding high standards of professionalism to help you feel as safe as possible, in the saddle. Take daily lessons here or opt for a short ride, whatever you choose, you will always feel welcomed here.


Luxor With Family

There is great history is hidden beneath the tombs of the Pharaohs that lie in the city of Luxor- Our host here offers a fantastic 'Ride & Care for your horse' package which is perfect for families looking to spend quality time together while discovering the mesmerising history of the Egyptian Temples. Care for your horse is the primary focus however you will have ample time to visit the Karnak and Luxor temples and other sights. The host will also offer a few excursions that are included in this package. A perfect holiday that brings together History & Family time.