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Horseback Falconry - Are you ready for this? ( 2 persons package )

5.0 Hazelwood Quarry, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Hourly(06:00)
  • Category Group,
  • Riding Ability Strong Intermediate, Advanced,
For something different how about a chance to combine two ancient arts, Riding and Falconry.
We can offer a day's tuition, using our own horses.
- The day would start with an introduction to birds of prey, the way the various hawks would have been flown, and discussion as to where and why horses would have come in, followed by handling lessons to make sure you can carry a hawk correctly.
- This will be followed by lunch;
- The afternoon will be spent with Hawks and horses as you learn to work the two together. You will get to work with hawks and Falcons and end flying one of our eagles from a horse, in a simulated hunt.
- Our Falconry horses are retrained racehorses so for experienced riders only;
- Riders must be confident to ride independently in an open environment.
- Minimum age 16
- Participants will need to have their own riding gear.
- This package is designed for 2 people participating and is available weekdays and weekends.


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Dartmoor Hawking

5.0 Hazelwood Quarry, United Kingdom
Verified Listing

Many people when talking about hawking from horseback will say they’d love to go to Mongolia to see horses and eagles being used together. But who needs to go to Mongolia when you can come to Devon!
The only facility in the UK where eagles are worked with horses, Dartmoor Hawking take great pride in the fact that all five of their recycled racehorses are happy (not just tolerant) to work with the birds.
During late summer Autumn and winter the ‘Falconry from Horses’ days will include simulated hunting with eagles to maintain their fitness for the hunting season.
You will also get to work with fast hunting falcons, working them to the lure – a simulated hunting exercise.

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Price - GBP 375.00

per person for whole activity

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