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Sunrise Excursion (2,5 Hours)

5.0 safari area n. 11, Egypt Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity Trail Ride Programme
  • Activity Type Hourly(2:30)
  • Category Individual, Group,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,

Dawn is one of the most magical moments of the day. This excursion will allow you to admire the kaleidoscope of colors over the mountains and the desert as the sun rises. You will have the opportunity to ride calm and quiet horses in total safety or, for the more experienced rider, you can also gallop through the dunes.


Equestrian Dream Egypt

5.0 safari area n. 11, Egypt
Verified Listing

Equestrian Dream is the biggest equestrian service in the region of the Red Sea, and has been operating in Egypt since 2014. Their core principles as an equestrian business include passion, love and high levels of professionalism to help you feel as safe as possible in the saddle. They also take you to the most amazing sites around Hurghada to make the most of your riding experience.

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