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Cavalos Da Vinha

Loures, Portugal Verified Listing

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Ride through dreamlike Bucelas with the Cavalos da Vinha

Nestled against a towering mountain landscape, in the vibrant Bucelas countryside, is the rustic yet luxurious Cavalos da Vinha. Just 20 minutes away from busy Lisbon, this serene space’s gardens and lakes beckon visitors into a world of unparalleled beauty - the perfect setting to enjoy nature, animals, and horseback riding in peace.

Cavalos da Vinha’s unique horseback experiences are designed for just that - to help visitors relax, have fun with their friends and family, and above all, tap into a deep connection with the surrounding nature.

You can reach the Cavalos da Vinha at, or call them at +351 926234269. Or hit them up on Instagram: @cavalosdavinha.

Enjoy a tailored horseback ride

Cavalos da Vinha offers a range of fun horseback rides suited to the kind of experience you’d like to have. Soak in the sun and birdsong as you tour the tranquil vineyards on horseback, and interact with farm animals on the way. You can also follow up the horse rides with wine tasting, or enjoy lunch amidst panoramic views.

If you’ve got kids, they’ll be sure to enjoy a ride on the sweet-tempered ponies.


Our Horses

Connect with the farm animals

The animals at the farm are a touchpoint for visitors to get up and close with nature. Enjoy some moments of serenity as you pet the animals and engage with their routines.

Sip the award-winning Murgas Bucelas wine

Tour the bucolic Quinta de Murgas farm and relax with their exquisite Murgas Bucelas wine - recipient of the 2019 Grandes Escolhas Prize. Acidic, full-flavored, and with a well-marked finish, the Murgas Bucelas embodies Capital do Arinto’s classic profile for white wines.


Horseback Riding through the Vineyards



In the Bucelas region, 25km from Lisbon

Cavalos Da Vinha


Verified Listing

Loures, Portugal