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Cavalos na Areia

Comporta, Portugal Verified Listing

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A Thrilling Beach Ride with Cavalos na Areia in Comporta, Portugal

Feel like a star on an exclusive horseback ride across the sands of Comporta with the famed Cavalos na Areia. This hidden gem is situated only an hour from Lisbon and is the destination of choice for many celebrities including Madonna and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Cavalos na Areia or “Horses in the Sand” has narrowly escaped becoming oversaturated with tourists but is slowly gaining popularity. Madonna shone a light on the unparalleled beauty of the beaches here in an Instagram post that gained over half a million views. Her cinematic post showed her galloping down the Comporta sand flats with the caption “This is Heaven”.

Cavalos na Areia pervades serenity, you will be captivated by idyllic rides in the stunning natural surroundings of the site. Choose a wide-open thrill ride on an endless desert beach, through rice paddies or across sand dunes. Connect with the innate charm of this area of Portugal and enjoy the stunning backdrop of glimmering blue waters.

Come and discover paradise for yourself!

Rejuvenate with a Trip to Comporta, Portugal

Comporta is unlike anywhere you’ll have seen before, the purest, rawest, coastal experience, bathed in blue skies and sunshine.
It is no surprise that it is frequented by some of the world’s A-Listers. The village evokes deep relaxation for its visitors and provides an escape regardless of the time of year. In summer, there is a quiet buzz of travellers seeking rest and recreation in the pastel-striped village huts and in winter you can take in the stunning views in milder weather.



Expand your Horizons at Cavalos na Areia

Cavalos na Areia offers a variety of services at their magnificent site. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start riding or a more advanced equestrian you can choose either group or private lessons set within the stunning surroundings.

The most popular service on offer is their unique 90-minute riding routes that travel a few kilometres from the ranch towards the frothing surf of the Atlantic Ocean. Traverse hills covered with gnarled cork trees, through quintessential rice paddies, past the fishing cabanas and ultimately over the dunes onto the Praia da Torre beach. A truly life-changing riding experience for any level of equestrian. Experience it for yourself at Cavalos na Areia with Cavago!

Cavalos no Rio


Cultural Heritage

Cavalos no Rio

Cavalos no Rio features other horseback riding adventures in a different location brought to you by Cavalos na Areia.

Escape to a hidden gem of natural beauty! Our destination offers an unspoiled oasis of desert beaches, rice fields, pine forests, and dunes - all part of the stunning Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado.

Take a canoe trip and a riding tour along the banks of the River Sado. See the Cavalos no Rio riding package for further details.



Estrada Nacional nº 261, Km 6 - Torre - Comporta, 7580-681 Comporta, Portugal

Cavalos Na Areia


Verified Listing

Comporta, Portugal