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Clube Hípico do Bié

Faro, Portugal Verified Listing

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Enjoy a Horse Ride along the Dazzling Ria Formosa Natural Park

Currently located in beautiful Gambelas, the Bié Equestrian Center started out with just 5 horses in 1986. Today, it has more than 30. Visitors are, no doubt, drawn to the Bié Equestrian Center by its location within the Ria Formosa Natural Park, which offers them spectacular views on horseback. It helps that they’re guided by a dynamic team of expert guides that ensures safety and well-being. The association aims to bring equestrian sport and horses to everyone, to evolve the sport, and to develop love and respect for the animals. The team’s signature green jerseys symbolize these binding, lasting ties.

What You’ll do on Horseback

You can visit plenty of places with the Bié Equestrian Center. Trips include visits to the palm tree plantation, the small Grand-Canyon, and the riveting Ria Formosa Salt Flats. You can also partake in the horse baptism, where you meet the horses, and, brush, comb, saddle and bridle them. Or take a hippotherapy session for physical and mental well-being. For those who want to learn equestrian techniques, the Clube Hípico do Bié offers classes, in different modalities, adapted to your experience levels, and in group or individual format.


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We have curated a selection of experiences based on your preferences, from a trip to the Salt Flats to 20 minute rides for children. No matter what the vibe you are searching for the Ria Farmosa Natural Park offers the perfect backdrop for your equestrian activities.


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Other Services

The Clube Hípico do Bié also offers horse accommodation for your horses, including food, daily box cleaning, and horse surveillance.


Clube Hípico Do Bié


Verified Listing

Faro, Portugal

Activities at facility


1 Hour Tour (16th Sept - May 14th)

Clube Hípico do Bié
Faro, Portugal
EUR 35.00

1 Hour 30 min Tour (May 15th - Sept 15th)

Clube Hípico do Bié
Faro, Portugal
EUR 50.00

1 Hour 30 min Tour (16th Sept - May 14th)

Clube Hípico do Bié
Faro, Portugal
EUR 45.00