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Connemara Coast Trail Ride

Galway, Ireland Verified Listing

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Connemara Coast Trail Ride

Famous for its spectacular scenery, an adventure through Connemara will be guided by Willie Leahy and his family, quintessential Irish horsemen. Willie Leahy was the first man to lead a vacation trail ride, anywhere in the world. Willie is the largest breeder of Connemara ponies in the world and was also the Field Master of the famous Galway Blazers Hunt. For over 50 years the Leahy family have enjoyed introducing visitors to this very special part of Ireland.

West Coast of Ireland

Connemara, a place of contrasts, colours, wilderness and warm welcomes on the west coast of Ireland. From the bogs and lakes of the Gaelic speaking South Connemara, to the mountain vistas of North and West Connemara, the diversity of the landscape and the people who populate it offers much to the visitor. A timeless land of wild beauty. This is a region of contrasting landscapes. Dramatic mountains, silent lakes, rust coloured bogs. The countless colours of the landscape change constantly beneath the shifting sky. It is a wilderness of extraordinary beauty, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The Connemara and Coast Trails bring riders right into the hidden heart of this landscape.


Horse Riding Ireland

For Experienced or Novice Riders

Experienced or novice riders alike can enjoy this holiday. Riders spend four to six hours a day on well-mannered, surefooted Irish hunters and Connemara ponies. Your mount for the week is selected with a caring and experienced eye to ensure that equine and rider are well matched. The trail guides have an extensive knowledge of the history and nature of the area. This is a unique way to see the spectacular scenery of Connemara. Amongst the breathtaking scenery you will see deserted villages, meet unforgettable Irish characters, ride along empty beaches, maybe even swim with your horse in the ocean.

Overnight Accommodation

Overnight accommodation is in either hotels or guest houses. All are chosen for their friendly atmosphere and pleasant facilities. Lunch is eaten on the trail, amidst the splendour of the surrounding landscape. Non-riders are welcome to accompany riding partners.



Connemara Pony

Known in Irish as the Capaillín Chonamara, the Connemara pony is a hardy, yet kind-hearted, breed of horse unique to Ireland. Native to the area in the west of Ireland known for its rugged yet beautiful landscape. They are known for their athleticism, versatility and good disposition. The breed makes excellent show ponies. Connemara is blessed with moors and bogs that will shine in the sunlight while looking somewhat desolate, and mystical, in every other kind of weather. This is where the Connemara pony comes from, where it learned to adapt to its surroundings and develop all the essential qualities it needed to survive.



Aille, Co. Galway, Ireland.


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Connemara Coast Trail Ride


Verified Listing

Galway, Ireland