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Costa Careyes Polo Club

Careyes, Mexico Verified Listing

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Wanderlust of Careyes

Careyes is an exclusive luxury private estate resort comprised of Ocean Castles, Private Villas, Casitas and Bungalows. It is located in Costalegre on the Mexican Pacific beaches of the south coast of Jalisco, Mexico. Founded by Gian Franco Brignone in 1968, this continuously family owned and operated unique private beach resort combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with a unique architecture and the hospitableness of Mexico. The community in Careyes is equally as important, beautiful and colorful as the place itself. Eccentric, elegant, educated, multi lingual and generally fascinating, they are all characters. Likewise, are the guests who are compelled to visit this most magical land. Careyes’ specific combination of natural beauty, architecture and sybaritic lifestyle, make it one of the world's most coveted destinations among the cognoscenti.


Careyes Polo Club has been the host for International Federation of Polo (FIP) playoffs with teams from USA, Canada, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, two Ambassadors Cups, Bodegueros Cup and La Herradura clinics with the famous Gracida brothers. Careyes has also been the home of major Hugh Dawnay known for his clinics and several books written on polo. Players from USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are our normal guests. Many of the players are Costa Careyes home owners. Since the year 2000, with the famous Agua Alta tournament, Costa Careyes Polo Club became a truly international club.



Luxury Resort

Careyes is located in Costalegre on the Mexican Pacific beaches of the south coast of Jalisco, Mexico. The areas unique combination of natural wonders, hospitableness of it’s people and luxurious accommodations in the form of Ocean Castles, Private Villas, Casitas and Bungalows are attributed for its name, “Costalegre” or happy coast.


Luxury Resort



Calle pintores S/N Plaza de los caballeros del sol, Careyes. La Huerta, Jalisco. Mexico CP 48894


Playa de Oro International Airport

Costa Careyes Polo Club


Verified Listing

Careyes, Mexico