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Jerebeque Trails

Navarredonda de Gredos, Spain Verified Listing

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Discover Western Spain on a Week-Long Riding Holiday Through Gorgeous Mountains

Ride through tremendous mountains in western Spain on a stunning Andalusian horse with a personalised tour from Jerebeque Trails. Spend a week riding across scenic paths gaining unique insight into this off-the-beaten-track area of Spain. Your hosts Emilio and Mamen will provide thrilling and personalised rides just two hours from Madrid. Every night, rest your riding muscles in cosy mountainside hotels and wake up to another wonderful day of riding through stunning villages.

Connect with nature and choose to ride in either Extremadura or Sierra de Gredos. In both locations, your hosts will teach you all about the local area and the culture. You will even get exclusive tapas on your breaks between riding all provided by Mamen.

Choose a personalised itinerary by Jerebeque Trails and experience the hidden gems of western Spain. Become part of something special when you book with Cavago.

An Exhilarating Tour Through Extremadura or Sierra de Gredos

Surrender to your wanderlust with Jerebeque Trails. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air as you canter through gorgeous mountain passes and explore Sierra de Gredos. Discover Salamanca, a UNESCO preserved town, on horseback. Or follow the flowing Tormes River in the lush landscape. The backdrops are unbelievable and unforgettable no matter where you choose to explore.
In Extremadura, you can choose to journey through the verdant Monfragüe National Park, the largest Mediterranean forest. Or trot from Trujillo to Villuercas Geopark, a UNESCO heritage site. The villages you see are stunning with holm and cork oaks, pastures and are the most emblematic landscapes in Extremadura.


Native Andalusian Horses

Gallop on Native Andalusian Horses

Known as Pura Raza Española horses, Emilio has raised and trained most of their herd of stunning horses since birth. Along with a few Hispano-Arab crosses, the horses have been raised together and roam around free on 500 acres of land. Emilio and Mamen pride themselves on the attentive and natural care they have provided their animals. All the animals are kept fit by walking up to 20km a day and are often joined on the fields by cows, donkeys and even deers that are free to rove around the grounds of their amazing, authentic property.

A Secret Escape in Western Spain

Jerebeque Trails offers the best riding experiences in this often-overlooked area of the country. Go back in time and become a guardian of the ancestral tradition of Spanish culture, the transhumance across stupendous mountain ranges and national parks. Check out the below itineraries and discover the magic of Spain.


The best of Spain on horseback



The meeting point is Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) for all the itineraries. Emilio, Mamen or both will personally do the transfer.

Telephone number in case of delay: +34 635 433 079 (Emilio)/ +34 609 833 783 (Mamen)

The meeting time is at 3:00pm. Please schedule flights on the first day to arrive by 2pm. The transfer from Madrid airport to Trujillo is about 2.5 hours.

The transfer back to the airport on the last day will be at 10am so you can be at the airport at about 12pm. Please book flights on the last day from 2pm onwards.

All riders will be transferred at the same time, so if any rider needs a different transfer we can arrange transfer at extra cost.

Jerebeque Trails


Verified Listing

Navarredonda de Gredos, Spain