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Saddled Up

Singapore, Singapore Verified Listing

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Love the Horse First, and the Sport Second

Saddled Up’s mission lies in the goal of providing the best products and services to better standards of horse care and equine welfare. Nestled in metropolitan Singapore, Saddled Up is highly astute towards the need for quality products that cater to the equine companion living in an urban environment. A strong advocate for happy and healthy horses, Saddled Up provides educational information through their blog to help the community keep abreast with the equine world.

Having Honest Conversations

Beyond the provision and advocacy of hoof care and wound care products, Saddled Up believes that no product has its potential fully maximised unless education is a component of the product purchased. In other words, equine health is not only contingent on buying products for your horse, but is also based on being able to apply these products discerningly. Saddled Up is highly invested in educating the general equestrian community on the usage of any product bought, and hence believes in organising accessible avenues through which any horse owner can educate themselves about the condition of their four-legged best friend.


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Strengthening Horse-Human Relationships

There are many dimensions to equine health, and this does not stop at caring for your horse physically. Keeping any horse in good condition is also predicated on their mental welfare – feeling safe, pain-free and connected to their owner. Just like human relationships, there needs to be trust and unimpeded communication between a rider and their mount. Saddled Up aims to make education on establishing this relationship accessible and easily comprehensible by the equestrian community at large.

Tune-In Anywhere

Coming to you in the form of webinars, this is an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about your horse’s needs, about any topic that may interest you or be of importance to you and your horse. Regardless of where you are, and what stage of your riding you’re at, Saddled Up has a programme for you, centered around strengthening the relationship between you and your horse.


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Saddled Up


Verified Listing

Singapore, Singapore

Activities at facility


Natural Horsemanship Basics (5 sessions, $100 per session/pax) - Semi-Private

Saddled Up
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 1,000.00

Natural Horsemanship Basics (1 Session) - Private

Saddled Up
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 200.00

Natural Horsemanship Basics (1 Session, $150/pax) - Semi-Private

Saddled Up
Singapore, Singapore
SGD 300.00