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Turismo Ecuestre Doñana

El Rocio, Spain Verified Listing

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Donãna Horse Trails

Doñana, birth of the Merismeño horse, is the perfect place for Horse Trail Adventures in Andalusia. For beginners and experienced riders, Turismo Ecuestre Doñana offers you panoramic trails at El Rocio, gastronomic routes and private trails for a more personalised experience. Plus the opportunity of getting to know the culture through long distance trails that combine three types of views: dunes and beaches, mares and Mediterranean forests.

About El Rocio Village, Spain

Located in the centre of Donana Park in Andalusia, El Rocio is a beautiful little village that boasts of pretty white cottages, sandy paths, and a Spanish wild west feel. It is a popular tourist destination in Spain and is renowned for horse riding - they even have special rails throughout the village for tying the horses while the riders are taking a break. El Rocio is also famously known as the place where people dance all day long and where horses are the first means of transportation. This lively, quaint little village is truly the perfect destination for horse riding enthusiasts all over the world.


Trek through the forests of Donana

The Beauty of Donana National Park

Donana is one of Europe's most beautiful and notable wetlands. This national park is an important site of nature because in just one day, you can see all kinds of different ecosystems: marshland, lagoons, pine groves, aloe veras, moving dunes, cliffs, and white beaches. Donana is a spectacle of natural beauty and a dream trek for horse riders - you can experience a variety of different terrains and stunning natural sights all from one location. Exploring Donana will also give you a chance to see endangered species like the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx, as well as more than 230 species of birds.

A Variety of Trail Rides

Turismo Ecuestre Donana offers its clients a varied number of offers through which they can best experience the wonders of El Rocio and Donana National Park. With equestrian baptism, people who are completely new to horse riding can get the chance to learn in the beautiful environment of El Rocio. Then there is the Donana sunset route that is open to riders of all levels, where you can witness El Rocio’s gorgeous sunset through the perfect view from the back of a horse. For more advanced riders, Turismo Ecuestre Donana has riding packages that allow you to fully explore the natural reserve of Donana.


Explore El Rocio Village on horseback


Turismo Ecuestre Doñana


Verified Listing

El Rocio, Spain

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Trail Riding and Accommodation - 3 nights / 4 Days

Turismo Ecuestre Doñana
El Rocio, Spain
EUR 570.00

Panoramic Route (Weekdays)

Turismo Ecuestre Doñana
El Rocio, Spain
EUR 25.00

Donana Experience Route (Weekends)

Turismo Ecuestre Doñana
El Rocio, Spain
EUR 40.00