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Private Lesson

5.0 Ctra. Aznalcázar - Pilas s/n, Spain Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity Dressage
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:30)
  • Category Individual,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,
Should Seville itself be your base during the time of your stay in Andalusia or if you live locally, you are welcome to visit us. You can book a private or semi-private lesson and lessons take place in either the 20 x 40m arena, or the custom built lunging arena.


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Hacienda Dos Olivos

5.0 Ctra. Aznalcázar - Pilas s/n, Spain
Verified Listing

Situated in Andalucia, South of Spain, an area famed for its wonderful climate, cultural diversity and rich history, Hacienda Dos Olivos is in a prime base from which you have the freedom to explore the beautiful sights, exciting attractions and events, and take part in some of the numerous leisure activities available in the area, as well as clinics and workshops at Dos Olivos itself.

You can enjoy the warmth, comfort and tranquility of the secluded Dos Olivos country house.

Traditional home cooked Andalusian cuisine is prepared for you by their Spanish cook with local produce, regional and Moorish flavours.

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Price - GBP 65.00

per person for whole activity

  • Time Slots
    Time slot not available.
  • Sub Total GBP 65.00
  • Tax GBP 14.95
  • Grand Total GBP 79.95
Verified Listing